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I'm Endless and I'm a Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

I'm a Cryptocurrency Enthusiast since 2015. I have translated many websites and documents in the past. I also ran a game server hosting for a year. I have experience working with the Java programming language and Linux servers.   I am currently developing my own cryptocurrency and learning about Python web frameworks.

My Services

Document and Website Translation

I have translated many documents and websites to Spanish, such as,, and Jibrel Network WP.

Masternode Monitoring

I am learning Python web frameworks so I will develop a free masternode monitor soon. I currently have this project in standby.

Custom Hosting

I can host and setup most crypto related services for you, such as full nodes, block explorers, Electrum servers and more. Contact me below.

My Translation work

do you have any project need to be done?

You can find my contact details and a contact form below.

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